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Press coverage of rural development – helping the situation?

(دری | پشتو | English) Afghanistan’s rural areas need more attention. This was the conclusion of this week’s media meeting held in Faizabad 9th June. The meeting brought together agriculture and rural...[more]


Joint conference held between provincial council and civil society organisations

(دری | پشتو | English) Today marked an important day for cooperation between the public sector and civil society organisations (CSO). Together with members of Balkh Provincial Council, civil society...[more]


How to design school buildings – architects, engineers and education experts explore best practices

(دری | پشتو | English) Schools and the way they are built influence the ability of teachers and students alike to teach and learn. Children, more than adults, need light, colour and clean air to grow and...[more]


Improved irrigation and flood protection for farmland in Baghlan

(دری | پشتو | English) Today marked the official handover of two newly rebuilt irrigation canals to local government and communities in Baghlan. The work done on the Govergan and Baladory canals will help...[more]


New school in Hamdard village offers opportunities for children of refugees and internally displaced families

(دری | پشتو | English) Today, a new school was opened for up to 520 children from internally displaced families (IDPs) and host community families living in the township of Hamdard, near Mazar-e Sharif, the...[more]


Afghan Independent Bar Association gets new office in Badakhshan courthouse

(دری | پشتو | English) Today, the Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) moved into its new office in Badakhshan’s Appellate Court building in Faizabad. The offices will now accommodate independent defense...[more]


Khwaja Burhan bridge opens in Khulm, connecting 16 villages to the district centre

(دری | پشتو | English) Yesterday, a new bridge opened in the village of Khwaja Burhan in Khulm district in Balkh. The construction now connects 16 villages with the district centre. Villagers now have quick...[more]

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