Often, affected people need to tell their story in order to show the significance and scope of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan.

Take the jeweller for instance, whose new machinery and creative ideas have allowed her to export her goods to Europe from one day to the next. Thanks to her success, she was able to employ more staff. Her previously little known village suddenly got more important for the region.

Or, take the father, who bought a plot of land together with other committed parents in order to build a new school where local girls and boys now enjoy education on equal terms.

These stories give a face to the German Cooperation with Afghanistan. We have collected impressive stories showcasing people whose lives have been significantly influenced thanks to the German Cooperation’s activities in Afghanistan.


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I have learned methods for dealing with psychological stress and pressure, to stop it getting the better of me. I can now analyse difficult situations better and develop solutions to overcome them.
Hafizullah, Aria and Shahrooz study economics at Takhar University. They also work part-time as teachers to pay for their studies and support their families. Now in their fourth year of university, the students have plenty of academic experience. However, a supplementary training programme gave...
The things that I have learned in Germany, I am passing on to my students and the German department
Khalil Mohammad Sarbaz was lucky to attend Amani High School in Kabul. The elite school, which received support from Germany, was recognised for setting standards in modern education – in teaching German as a foreign language and for its qualified German teachers.
Our landscape is changing and becoming greener.
In 2010, the German government supported the construction of a small-scale hydropower plant in the village of Farghambol in the northern Afghan province of Badakhshan. The plant, which has a capacity of 280 kilowatts, supplies energy to 20,000 people. Its impact has been life-changing.
Earlier, we approached cases of gender abuse and harassment from an administrative point of view. Now, we take a legal and professional approach towards them
Afghanistan may still be one of the least peaceful countries in the world – even more than 15 years after the Taliban were overthrown – but significant progress has been made in improving the social and economic status of Afghan women since 2001, with the support of the international community.
We have an extremely well-appointed clinic, especially compared with other rural health centres.
Drive for about an hour out of Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province, across a sandy, rock-strewn landscape, and you reach the village of Galabatur. There is an air of sleepy tranquillity about the place – but around one of the buildings, situated on a low promontory, there is a buzz of activity...
Our main problem was the lack of water. From Mr Viktor, I learned different techniques on how to use water more efficiently.
Agriculture in Samangan, one of Afghanistan’s Northern provinces, is mainly based on nut production – almonds and pistachio in particular, but also walnuts. Conditions are rough though; hot and dry summers make it very difficult for farmers to produce enough so they and their families can make a...
I’m really happy that Pakiza is expanding and creating income opportunities for many others in addition to me
It takes perseverance to make money from milk in northern Afghanistan. Farmers generally only keep between one and three cows, transportation hygiene is poor and the market is dominated by imported milk from Pakistan and Iran. The Pakiza dairy in Mazar-e Sharif was established in 2013 – today it is...
Fortunately, I felt very positive when I arrived in Afghanistan
At a time when Afghanistan is facing a severe migration crisis, there is a small band of unassuming people working hard to help their homeland cope with the situation. Abdul Bari is one such person.
Today I am very happy. My student kissed my hands…
Once when Haleema Sangar saw her brother and friends play soccer in their school ground she ran in and kicked the ball. It went so high that her friends and other children kept clapping for a long time. Nobody had seen the ball go so high before, and for the next two weeks, everybody in the school...
Without education, people don’t develop. Neither does the country they live in.
Sarajuddin has been a teacher for 30 years and it is still his dream job: “If people remain uneducated and uninformed, they can’t fulfil their dreams and visions. Without education, people don’t develop. Neither does the country they live in. That’s why, even as a young man, I wanted to become a...