The northern Afghan province of Baghlan is situated at the foot of the Hindu Kush mountain range and consists of 16 districts. Most of the province’s 920,000 or so residents speak Dari. Baghlan is known as a transit region, with all traffic between Kabul and Afghanistan’s Central Asian neighbours passing through this northern province. Nonetheless, the poor road conditions makes it difficult for the local population to get to the provincial capital and other destinations. Additionally, many villages are not connected to the electricity supply.

In the majority of the province’s districts, people largely make their living from agricultural produce. However, the provincial capital Pol-e Khomri has a longstanding mining heritage.

The German Cooperation with Afghanistan has been working in Baghlan province for many years. It runs programmes in a range of areas, including agricultural and economic development, the rule of law, road construction, water and energy supply, and administrative reform. The various programmes have helped to effect change and improve the living conditions of local people.

This section provides you with an overview of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan’s activities in Baghlan.

Projects in Focus

Clean Water in Northern Afghanistan In order to upgrade the water supply system and improve the quality of drinking water in Afghanistan’s northern towns, the German Government is supporting the development of essential infrastructure. more
Renewable energy for Afghanistan In order to ensure that Afghanistan’s electricity supply operates sustainably and efficiently in the long term, the German Government is assisting Afghanistan with building decentralised electricity generation facilities based on renewable energy. more
Legal Certainty for all Citizens Since 2002, the German Government has been working with the Netherlands and Finland to assist Afghanistan with developing an effective justice system. While significant progress has already been made, there is still more work to be done to guarantee the rule of law for citizens in rural and urban areas alike. more
Strong Local Government Structures to Stabilise Northern Afghanistan In order to strengthen local governance structures at district level and at the same time improve living conditions for Afghanistan’s rural population, the German Government is supporting the necessary capacity development measures and smaller infrastructure initiatives in Afghanistan. more
Public Authorities as Pillars of Society In order to boost the Afghan citizens’ confidence in the public administration, the German Government is supporting the expansion of state structures and the provision of professional training to staff, especially in rural areas. more
Transparently Planning and Implementing Development Measures In Afghanistan, responsibility for providing access to infrastructure and basic services rests with the provincial administrations. The German Government is assisting them to implement infrastructure measures in Northern Afghanistan, make processes more plannable and implement measures as effectively as possible on an independent basis. In this way, it is helping to promote socio-economic development among the Afghan population. more

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