Applicants for Kabul’s German-supported Schools Take Modern Computer-based Test

Last Saturday, the Amani Boys’ School, the Lycée Jamhuriat and the Aishe-e-Durani Girls’ School in Kabul ended their three-day admission process for new students to grade four. Around 100 children, boys and girls, participated in the modern computer-based assessment test. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Programme Strengthening of German-supported Schools in Kabul supported the test’s development.

The father of one applicant commented, ‘We found the test very useful and consider it an interesting tool. The test supports the teachers to select the most qualified students. In addition, it will also help the parents to learn more about the strengths of their children. This supports the children’s future development based on their skills and talents.’

Specialised education institutions in Germany assisted the assessment test procedure’s creation with strict adherence to international standards. It provides an equal opportunity for all students to be accepted to the respective schools, independent of their former education. Among others, the procedure tests the participants’ intelligence, thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. The children who pass the test will get the chance to study in the Amani Boys’ School, the Lycée Jamhuriat or the Aishe-e-Durani Girls’ School in Kabul.

‘We are very satisfied with the performance of the students who were admitted to our school after successfully completing the assessment test in the past. They perform very well at academic activities’, the Director of Amani School in Kabul, Mr Olem, stated.

The German-supported schools in Kabul put a specific focus on mathematics, natural sciences and subject-related didactics as well as methods of tuition and general pedagogy. Therefore, they have been equipped with laboratory equipment, computers and textbooks as well as gyms and football pitches. This helps to promote the students’ creativity and keeps them fit and healthy while also boosting their academic performance.

The programme Strengthening German-supported Afghan Schools (SGS) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA). SGS supports three German-sponsored schools in Kabul, Jamhuriat, Amani and Aisha-e Durani, to improve education quality. These model schools shall serve as best practice examples for other schools across the country. So far, international trainers have organised advanced training courses on didactics and peace education for 240 teachers. Further, 22 teachers have enhanced their knowledge in mathematics, and 50 teachers have participated in advanced training courses on natural sciences. The project further funds the rehabilitation and repairs of existing infrastructure.