Five Ostad Shagerdi Schools Renovated in Four Provinces

Five schools taking part in piloting the dual track Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme, also known as Ostad Shagerdi, have finished renovations in four provinces, including Kabul, Badghis, Baghlan and Balkh. With the support of the Afghan-German Cooperation, the Jamhuriat High School, the Kabul Mechanical Institute as well as the Accounting and Management Institutes of Badghis, Baghlan-e Jadid and Mazar-e Sharif have all benefitted from facility improvements. The work was conducted between July and October 2019 and has a combined value of more than AFN 6.7 million.

Mohammad Khalid, an Ostad Shagerdi apprentice in electronics at Kabul Mechanical Institute expressed, ‘The recent renovations to the Kabul Mechanical Institute not only enhance our facilities, but also affect our learning performance. Before, we had to study in classes with poor conditions. However, after the renovations, we have access to modern equipment such as projectors and white boards. This makes us feel taken care of and I personally feel motivated to try harder and give back to my society.’

Along with renovations to classrooms for increased comfort, the renovations to the schools included sealing roofs to avoid leaks, stabilising the electricity supply, and ensuring functioning toilets and washrooms. The renovated schools will also provide a feeling of safety to students and teachers, as they will have appropriate surrounding walls, gates and lockable doors.

In total, 40 classrooms have been renovated in the five vocational schools. This often included a renewal of the electrical installations. The schools in Mazar-e Sharif and the Jamhuriat school in Kabul also benefitted from renovations to the toilets.

Altogether, more than 10,000 students will benefit from the renovations which began in May and are being carried out in 30 TVET schools until December 2020. The objective of the renovations for all TVET pilot schools is not only to provide students with adequate facilities, but also to emphasise the importance and the quality of the Ostad Shagerdi education.

The programme Supporting Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Afghanistan (TVET) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and KfW Development Bank on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). TVET aims at expanding and improving the formal vocational education and training system in Afghanistan to increase young Afghan’s employability. In addition, the programme is modernising the traditional apprenticeship system Ostad  Shagerdi in cooperation with the Afghan Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority. After attending a formal TVET school besides Ostad Shagerdi for three years, apprentices can apply for 12th-grade degrees, allowing many young people to attend advanced schooling.