Monitoring and Evaluating National Development Projects: Afghan Ministry of Economy and the Afghan German Cooperation Continue Joint Efforts

Kabul, 07th February 2019 – Yesterday, the Afghan Ministry of Economy (MoEc) and the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Communication (MEC) signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement for 2019. Since 2015, joint efforts aim at strengthening the MoEc’s capacities for monitoring and evaluating Afghan national development projects. This shall ensure that they are efficient, effective, relevant, sustainable, and have a real impact to the benefit of Afghan citizens. The budget for cooperation amounts to a total of more than AFN 8.6 million.

The MoEc is responsible for tracking and monitoring national development projects’ progress and results. The Afghan Deputy Minister of Economy, Mr Ismail Rahimi, highly appreciated the support of  the Afghan-German Cooperation since 2015 and planned efforts for 2019. These include building the MoEc’s capacities in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), developing and improving monitoring and reporting systems for development projects on central and provincial level as well as conducting impact evaluations of national projects.

MEC’s Programme Director, Mr Raoof Modaqiq, emphasised the importance of further strengthening MoEc employees’ capacities. He said that the evaluation of development projects increase transparency and accountability of both, the Afghan government and the international donor community. He further added that such evaluations facilitate planning and developing projects in a sustainable and contextual approach to the benefit of Afghan citizens.

The programme Monitoring Evaluation and Communication in Afghanistan (MEC) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The programme aims at supporting the Afghan government in strengthening monitoring and evaluation capacities. To achieve this objective, MEC assists the Afghan Ministry of Economy (MoEc) in implementing monitoring and reporting systems on central and provincial level. It further offers evaluation courses for the ministry’s staff and supports the MoEc in conducting impact evaluations on national development projects to measure results, effectiveness and sustainability. This also increases transparency and accountability of development projects.