Paving the Way for Continued Access to Justice: Memorandum of Understanding Signed

‘To provide services to the citizen, we have to take action, work hard, and bring necessary changes and reforms to satisfy our people. Especially in regard to the rule of law, we hope to act with commitment to facilitate better access to justice for all.’ H.E. Fazel Ahmad Manavi, Minister of Justice

On Tuesday 25th May 2021, the Afghan-German Cooperation’s Promotion of the Rule of Law (RoL) project signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Justice. The MoU demonstrates a commitment to future cooperation between the two parties. It will support the RoL project to implement activities that pave the way for access to justice, especially access to justice for women in the project region.

Mr Bernd Messerschmidt, RoL Project Director and H.E. Fazel Ahmad Manavi, Minister of MoJ of Republic of Afghanistan signed the MoU at the Ministry of Justice building, Darulaman. Representatives from both MoJ and the Afghan-German Cooperation attended the event.

In his speech, Mr Messerschmidt said,

‘We seek to extend the cooperation for one year and we are committed to our Afghan-German cooperation until May 2023.’

Mr Manavi added,

‘This MoU is important, especially now, as the international troops are going to leave Afghanistan. It is good news for Afghans that the support of the international community is being continued.’