Reconstruction work begins on basic healthcare centre in Baghlan with German support

Reconstruction work began on the Guzarga-e-Noor district basic healthcare centre in Baghlan with financial and technical support from Afghan-German Cooperation.
With over AFN 10 million in funding, the measures will help modernize the healthcare centre that provides services for almost 10,000 people.

1st June was marked the beginning of reconstruction work by Baghlan’s Department of Public Health for the district basic healthcare centre in Guzarga-e-Noor. Besides construction of new perimeter wall, the reconstruction work will modernize the healthcare facilities for use by the general public. The construction site was officially opened by Mr. Alamir Watandost, Administrative Director of the Department of Public Health in Baghlan, together with Mr. Abdul Fatah Abid, District Governor of Guzarga-e-Noor, and other provincial, district and local governmental delegates and civil society representatives.

In its drive to provide public health services both in urban and rural areas in Baghlan, the Department of Public Health will invest more than AFN 10 million in the reconstruction project with funding from the German Government through Afghan-German cooperation. Completion is expected around the end of October 2014.

The one-storeyed basic healthcare centre is open to around 10,000 citizens in the district and provides basic services to out-patients, such as consultations, first aid and pharmaceutical supplies. The centre employs two doctors and a further ten medical staff and can receive up to 100 patients a day in ten rooms. The nearest other healthcare centre is three hours’ journey or 60 kilometres away in the district of Khost. As the region around Guzarga-e-Noor can suffer from flooding, at times cutting off the district completely, it is essential basic healthcare services can be maintained for the public. With the reconstruction of this centre, the department will fulfill its responsibility to deliver public services in a sustainable and visible way.

The project was selected by the Provincal Development Committee in Baghlan as a priority and is part of the Provincial Development Plan. Technical and financial support comes from the Regional Capacity Development Fund (RCDF) in Baghlan, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

As part of the Afghan-German Cooperation strategy, the RCDF is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The RCDF provides supports for its Afghan partners’ development priorities both on a provincial and a district level in six of Afghanistan’s Northern provinces.  At the same time, the RCDF provides training and coaching programmes for civil servants. With its broad range of activities, the RCDF aims to increase Afghan ownership of the development process, strengthen Afghan state institutions on the sub-national level and promote transparency and inclusiveness.