Teacher Training in Delhi: 5,000 Kabul School Students to Benefit from Improved Lessons

In Delhi, India, 27 teachers from Kabul are participating in a German language course while another 17 teachers receive educational training. Among them are 37 women. Both activities started on 21st October and will end on 3rd November. They aim at providing the teachers with the tools for modern teaching and teaching German language classes. The participants teach at three model schools in Kabul – the Amani High School for boys, the Aysha-e Durani High School for girls, and the Lycée Jamhuriat Business School for girls and boys. The Afghan-German Cooperation supports these schools that serve as models for school development across the country.

The training covers teaching competencies, pedagogy and didactics, with emphasis on modern, student-focused teaching. One of the participants, Ms Shabaman Mahmoodi, a Durani School teacher, emphasised, ‘We have already learned a lot about how to involve students during classes. We expect to acquire even more skills and teaching methods in the remaining days to improve our students’ learning process.’

School students’ motivation and confidence play a major role in the training. The teachers are learning how to motivate their students to come to school by stirring their interest for lessons and recognising their work. Another teacher, Ms Maryam Zia, stated, ‘We have a common goal: to serve our students in the best possible way. During this training, we are getting to know the tools that will help us reach this goal.’

Other aspects covered during the training courses include lesson planning, cooperative learning, intercultural learning and student-centred teaching. The participants will act as multipliers at their respective schools and will share their new knowledge and expertise with their colleagues. In total, 300 teachers will benefit, including 130 women. As a result, more than 5,000 students, including 2,600 girls, will receive considerably improved classes.

The programme Strengthening German-supported Afghan Schools (SGS) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA). SGS supports three German-sponsored schools in Kabul, Jamhuriat, Amani and Aisha-e Durani to improve the quality of education. These model schools shall serve as best practice examples for other schools across the country. So far, international trainers have organised advanced training courses on didactics and peace education for 240 teachers. Further, 22 teachers have enhanced their knowledge in mathematics, and 50 teachers have participated in advanced training courses on natural sciences. The project further funds the rehabilitation and repairs of existing infrastructure.