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11.04.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Kabul, 11th April 2018 – Today, the Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union (AREU) initiated a conference in Kabul to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency among entrepreneurs in Afghanistan. Around 120 representatives from line ministries, power utilities, the private sector, academia, the Women Initiative for Sustainable Energy (WISE) and the Youth Entrepreneur Ship Support (YES) initiative participated. The event addressed women and men equally. The Afghan-German Cooperation supported the activity.
10.04.2018 | Pressemitteilung
This week, Badakhshan’s Department of Justice (DoJ), civil society organisations (CSOs) and the Department of Women’s Affairs (DoWA) held a biannual coordination meeting. About 55 attendants, including Badakhshan’s deputy governor as well as representatives from 20 CSOs discussed how to improve cooperation. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for strengthening the rule of law in Afghanistan (RoL) supported the event.
20.03.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Today, an extended power line and a newly constructed energy network were put into operation in the city of Pol-e Khomri, Baghlan. About 10,000 citizens in the residential area of Karkar now profit from a reliable electricity supply. The construction works took two years to complete. The German Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) and Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) implemented the project. The Afghan-German Cooperation financed the infrastructure at a total cost of about AFN 115.5 million.
16.03.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, the 16th Media Meeting took place in Kabul. Four experts and more than 50 journalists gathered at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC). They discussed ways for the Afghan media to promote women’s inclusion in Afghanistan’s development process. The Afghan-German Cooperation and Mediothek Afghanistan hosted the event.
09.03.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, Samangan’s Department of Education and the Afghan-German Cooperation signed contracts for reconstructing two high schools. More than 5,400 students in Samangan will profit from an improved learning environment. Already on Wednesday, Balkh’s Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development signed contracts for rehabilitating two roads in Balkh. About 100,000 residents will benefit. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) funds the activities at a total cost of around AFN 282 million.
09.03.2018 | Pressemitteilung
To promote the Afghan extractive sector internationally, a delegation from the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) participated in the PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange 2018 in Toronto, Canada. The delegation encouraged investments and developed networks with international colleagues and the private sector. The convention took place from 4th March and ended on Wednesday. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for promoting good governance in the Afghan extractive sector financed the activity.
05.03.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Bangi District, Takhar, 4th March 2018 – Currently, Gurg Canal in Bangi district, Takhar, is in poor condition. It provides only insufficient agricultural irrigation and fails to deliver a stable water flow to micro-hydro power stations and water mills. To tackle these problems, the Taloqan River Basin Agency started rehabilitation works on the eight-kilometre long canal today. The Afghan-German Cooperation finances the construction works at a total cost of AFN 92.86 million
Inauguration picture of health clinic in Yaftal-e-Payeen, Badakhshan
21.02.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Yaftal-e Payeen, Badakhshan, 21st February 2018 – Yesterday, the Afghan-German Cooperation handed over a recently constructed health clinic in Naland Village, Yaftal-e-Payeen District in the province Badakhshan. The new clinic is available to the 60,000 residents of the district. In total, the clinic can provide services to 100 patients. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Stabilization Programme Northern Afghanistan (SPNA) financed the construction at about AFN 27 million.
13.02.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Today, more than 40 experts from Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs), Provincial Education Directorates (PEDs) and the Teacher Education Directorate (TED) met to discuss necessary activities to further improve teacher training in Afghanistan. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for improving basic education in Afghanistan (BEPA) facilitated the event to promote quality education for all Afghans.
11.02.2018 | Pressemitteilung
Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh, 11th February 2018 – The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for regional capacity development (RCD) handed over kindergartens to two schools in Balkh’s provincial capital Mazar-e Sharif. About 100 schoolteachers can now leave their children at the new facilities during classes. Balkh’s Department of Education initiated and implemented the activity to improve teaching quality. The Afghan-German Cooperation financed the facilities’ construction at a total cost of about AFN 2.3 million.