Ergebnisse 289
25.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The delegation included representatives from the civil society, the private sector, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) and the Presidential Office. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for promoting good governance in the extractive sector financed, organised and accompanied the delegation’s participation in the conference.
24.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The new education facilities will provide a better learning environment for almost 3,000 students, both girls and boys. The German government funded all constructions at a total cost of AFN 62.4 million via the Stabilization Programme Northern Afghanistan (SPNA).
20.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, a two-day workshop for female volunteer gender focal points and the heads of the Departments of Women’s Affairs (DoWA) of the Afghan provinces Badakhshan, Baghlan, Balkh, Jawzjan, Kunduz, Samangan, and Takhar ended in Mazar-e Sharif, Balkh. Gender focal points offer legal advice to women in their communities, helping to access justice. The workshop focussed on the volunteer gender focal points’ work and experiences in Afghan provinces. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for the promotion of the rule of law (RoL) supported the activity technically and financially.
18.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The internship programme aims at equipping the participants with practical skills and work experience to improve their employability and to increase female participation in public institutions. The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) implemented the activity, supported by the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for the promotion of good governance in Afghanistan (RCD).
12.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The 22 female and 45 male graduates presented a criminal case when performing a moot court during today’s ceremony. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for the promotion of the rule of law (RoL) supports legal clinics at state universities in Badakhshan and further Northern provinces in Afghanistan.
11.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Today, 40 Afghan women finished a six-month internship programme at 15 line departments in Taloqan, Takhar province. The programme aimed at preparing the participants for their professional career and increasing the number of female civil service employees. High-ranking provincial officials and media representatives attended the graduation ceremony. The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) and the German programme for promoting good governance in Afghanistan (RCD) jointly developed the curriculum. The Afghan-German Cooperation financed the activity.
09.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Provincial council members, civil servants, provincial government officials, civil society activists, women, youth, elders, journalists and others attended the event. Activities to be discussed occurred mainly in the fields of education, public health, agriculture & rural development as well as security. The Afghan-German Cooperation financially supported the activity.
09.10.2017 | Pressemitteilung
A new building for the legal clinic at Kunduz University’s law faculty was inaugurated on 8th October during a handover ceremony. The head of Kunduz’ Directorate of Justice, representatives of the university and the ambassador of the Netherlands to Afghanistan attended the event. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for the promotion of the rule of law (RoL) supported the building’s construction on behalf of the Netherlands.
28.09.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, 170 civil servants completed a two-day workshop in Kunduz province’s Khanabad district on the operation and maintenance of public buildings. Kunduz province’s Department of Education (DoEd) organised the training with support from the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme to promote local governance structures in Afghanistan (RCD).
28.09.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Together with the Social Association of Journalists in North Afghanistan (SAJNA). Topic: Generating Rule of Law Awareness – How can media contribute to raising awareness of the rule of law in Afghanistan? The conclusion: Even though the Afghan media has made a significant contribution in raising legal awareness, they can dedicate even more resources to this activity. Three legal experts and more than 70 journalists gathered to discuss media’s role in promoting the rule of law in Afghanistan.