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09.05.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The campaign aims at raising awareness on “energy efficiency” and “renewable energy”. The Ministry of Energy and Water organises the Afghanistan Sustainable Energy Week – ASEW 2017, supported by the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for the institutional development of energy in Afghanistan.
07.05.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Three lecturers from Kabul Polytechnic University and 12 mining engineers from the Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) participated in the workshop. They will now return to Kabul. The Geological Survey of Finland has already been working with the Afghanistan Geological Survey and organised this seminar, funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In order to support further developing and strengthening cooperation between universities, state institutions and donor operations in the Afghan mining and geology sector, the German programme for Academic Mining Education in Afghanistan (AMEA) supported this training as well.
07.05.2017 | Pressemitteilung
It is located at the TVET campus in Takhta-Pul in the outskirts of Mazar-e Sharif. The Afghan-German Cooperation funded the construction via KfW Development Bank via the programme for technical vocational education and training (TVET). Construction and equipment cost amount to AFN 220 million. TVET will run and maintain the college, assisted by the Afghan-German Cooperation.
27.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
More than 100 female and male exhibitors from different sectors and provinces participate in the four-day event, where they can promote their products and create business networks. 35 of them received financial support from the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for sustainable economic development and employment promotion (SEDEP). The Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industry organises the exhibition.
26.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Better maintenance will result in an improved learning environment – that was the idea behind the trainings that were held in Baghlan provinces’s rural and urban areas. More than 315,000 pupils will benefit from better kept schools. Baghlan’s Department of Education (DoE) and the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme to support local governance (RCD) jointly organised the workshops.
25.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Two surveys on business trends and barriers for investment served as the basis for discussion. The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) and the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for sustainable economic development and employment promotion (SEDEP) jointly organised the event.
20.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The group consisted of 20 engineers and 100 public school management members. The training aimed to enhance the participants’ awareness and capacities regarding public buildings’ maintenance. The Department of Education (DoEd) organised the training with support from the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme to support local governance (RCD).
19.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Mullahs often guide local communities. Hence, they can help local governments to spread their messages. How to establish such cooperation between Badakhshan’s Department of Haj and Islamic Affairs, and mullahs was the main focus of today’s discussions.
17.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The school is one out of ten schools in Badakshan which will be constructed or renovated by the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for regional infrastructure development. The ground breaking ceremonies for a new school in Kishim district had taken place on 2nd April. Upon completion of construction works, 5,600 children will receive education in the ten schools.
13.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Khulm, Balkh, 12th April 2017 – Today, Afghan government officials, together with their German partners, inaugurated a major part of the Kunduz-Khulm National Highway. The highway now connects the districts Khulm and Dasht-e Khairabad in Balkh province. Currently, its total length amounts to 58.6 km. The local population now benefits from considerably reduced travel times to the provincial capital Mazar-e Sharif. The German government supports the highway’s construction.