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10.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The study describes business opportunities for private companies in the photovoltaic sector. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme Institutional Development for Energy in Afghanistan (IDEA) facilitated the cooperation between AREU and BSW. Moreover, the German programme provided professional advice to AREU.
06.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Yesterday, Feyzabad’s Provincial Governor signed the contract for the operation and maintenance of the 103 kilometre long Feyzabad – Kishim Main Road in Badakhshan. The contractor will repair rockslide and water damages that were caused by Kokcha River and upgrade the construction to prevent future damages, including reinforced retaining and flood protection walls along the river bank. The German funded Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) is financing the project with approximately 81 million AFN.
05.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The discussed topics included government services, last year’s development achievements and future plans. The District Governor’s Office organised this event that was financially supported by the German government’s Regional Capacity Development (RCD) programme.
03.04.2017 | Pressemitteilung
The training covered six different subjects: exploration and geochemistry, soil mechanic, surface mining, geophysics, mining economy and geographic information systems. It aimed at enhancing lecturers’ skills, but also at reintegrating Afghan scientists into the scientific community. The German funded programme for Academic Mining Education in Afghanistan (AMEA) provided technical and financial support.
28.03.2017 | Pressemitteilung
It will provide appropriate health care for mothers and children living in Balkh and neighbouring provinces. The German government provides funding at a cost of more than AFN 1 billion.
16.03.2017 | Pressemitteilung
It aimed at developing a strategy to strengthen local institutions and community groups in protecting children’s rights. Rushd Training and Consultancy Organisation (RTCO) organised the event. The German government supported the workshop via its programme to promote the rule of law in Afghanistan (RoL).
15.03.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Four Afghan ground water experts and more than 70 media representatives attended the event. Altogether, they concluded that Afghanistan’s ground water resources must be properly managed to prevent overuse and pollution. The Social Association of Journalists in North Afghanistan (SAJNA) and the Afghan-German Cooperation hosted the meeting.
09.03.2017 | Pressemitteilung
On 8th March 2017, theThe Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for promotion of the rule of law supported the Provincial Departments of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (DoWA) and Justice (DoJ) to organise these events. Achieving gender equality professionally is necessary for sustainable development. In Afghanistan, female participation in labour force only reaches 16% according to the “Women, Business and the Law 2016” report published by World Bank. The rights of women as well as the question on how to raise this number were addressed in various events in the Northern provinces in Afghanistan. Ms Suhaila Juya, Deputy and Acting Head of the Provincial Council of Takhar, encouraged the participants to continue promoting women’s rights and to stop the brutal behaviour towards women within families. During the gathering in Mazar-e Sharif, the representative of the Governor of Balkh, Mr Fiaz Mehr Aian, pointed out: ”The number of female students in schools and universities has increased significantly. This also applies to jobs. Women play a crucial role in peace building and democracy.” He also stressed that female participation was promoted and appreciated in various areas in Balkh Province, even though women are still facing major challenges such as not accessing professional key positions. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Afghan-German Cooperation has been working together with the Afghan government to promote Rule of Law in Afghanistan. The project “Promotion of the Rule of Law” (RoL) has been supporting the Afghan Ministry of Justice in its efforts to ensure access to justice for all citizens. As well, it specifically focuses on supporting women’s rights. This is done in close coordination with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and its provincial departments in the Northern Provinces. was celebrated worldwide – in Afghanistan as well. The theme: “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” was showcased in various events in Kabul and in the Northern Provinces of Balkh, Badakhshan, Jawzjan, Kunduz and Takhar.
09.03.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Toronto, Canada, 5th to 9th March 2016 – This week, the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, MoCI, (namely its Deputy Minister Mr Mohammad Haqjo) and the Afghan Embassy in Ottawa (namely the minister’s counsellor Mr Mohammad Nader Yama) promoted the Afghan Mining sector at the world’s leading convention and investor exchange event on mineral exploration and exploitation: the PDAC.
09.03.2017 | Pressemitteilung
Kabul, 9th March 2017 – Today, the National Unity Government officially presented the National Priority Plan on Women’s Economic Empowerment to its citizens. The plan aims at developing women’s capacity to strengthen their household economies, but also to positively impact Afghanistan’s overall economic development – with female contribution.