Handing Over a new Filing System to the Afghan Ministry of Justice

Yesterday, the project Promotion of the Rule of Law of the Afghan-German Cooperation handed over a new and more effective filing system to the Huquq and the State Cases Departments of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in Mazar-e Sharif
In June 2014, the MoJ addressed the need of a qualified filing system that ensures time-efficient and transparent processes to donor agencies. So far, no uniform filing system for all provinces has been put in place.

The new filing system was developed by the Afghan-German Cooperation and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC), including the MoJ and staff suggestions. The new database can be used countrywide and is supposed to help overcome challenges in reporting timely and above all correctly. The new filing system and methods will firstly be implemented in both provinces Herat and Balkh as a pilot. Books printed on behalf of the Afghan-German Cooperation and IADC will provide a helpful guideline for the staff of the departments.

Thanks to the new system, staff of the MoJ’s and Huquq Departments have to handle every case equally now. On the other hand, the trust of the citizens can be strengthened knowing that their cases will be handled time-efficiently and equally thanks to the uniform system.

During the ceremony, Mr Sayed Mohammad Jafar Mesbah, Head of DoJ Balkh emphasized “Our filing system and our offices are old and they do not meet the needs of the day. We consider this endeavour as a good point for improvement of our performance and activities”. The event was also attended by the Head of the State Cases Department of the MoJ, Mr Sadat, as well as the Head of the Huquq Department, Mr Muhebbi added: “The new filing system is a control of our staff and auditing, because it states which activity has been completed in accordance to law and within its temporal limitation and which one has not. Now we can also provide information for census. This system is important for citizens also. They will have access to information about their cases. For example, they can get information on the question in which phase in courts or in other related offices. This access to information also ensures transparency.”

After three months, this pilot phase will be evaluated and carefully considered before implementing the filing system to all provinces in the country.

The Afghan-German Cooperation provided financial and technical support, amounting to 1 million AFN since the end of 2014.

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Afghan-German Cooperation has been working together with the Afghan government to promote rule of law in Afghanistan. Since 2003, the project has been supporting the Ministry of Justice of Afghanistan in its efforts to ensure access to justice for all citizens. This is done through supporting better access to justice as well as improving the professional capacity of justice sector staff. At the same time, legal awareness of citizens is strengthened.