Handing Over a new Filing System to the Afghan Ministry of Justice

The new filing system was developed by the Afghan-German Cooperation and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC), including the MoJ and staff suggestions. The new database can be used countrywide and is supposed to help overcome challenges in reporting timely and above all correctly. The new filing system and methods will firstly be implemented in both provinces Herat and Balkh as a pilot. Books printed on behalf of the Afghan-German Cooperation and IADC will provide a helpful guideline for the staff of the departments.

100 Women in Badakhshan Improved Their English, Tailoring and IT Skills

The Department of Women Affairs (DoWA) implemented the trainings at the provincial capital’s Women Training Center which was opened 1 ½ years ago. Today, the second phase of a 17-month capacity development programme for women in Badakhshan was completed. Since its opening, a total of 270 women participated in the training courses.

Badakhshan’s Journalists Discuss Media’s Role in Women Empowerment

Three experts on women empowerment and more than 60 journalists gathered at Feyzabad’s women’s centre to discuss the media’s role in women empowerment. The result of the event was that media has a crucial responsibility in promoting women’s participation in society. It has the power to spread messages and raise awareness for the challenges women face. Most importantly, media has given women a voice which has allowed them to actively engage with the Afghan government, interest groups and society at large.

The Best Autumn News Stories from the Afghan-German Cooperation

Income Triples for Graduates of Ostad Shagerdi Programme

Ostad Shagerdi (OS) is a major component of the Afghan-German Cooperation’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme. It focuses on the Afghanistan dual-track TVET system, which provides apprentices with theoretical knowledge and practical training in their respective vocation. To date, 2,122 apprentices are enrolled in six different reformed occupations in 12 provinces around the country.

Six Top News Stories from the Afghan-German Cooperation

Over the last few weeks, the Afghan-German Cooperation has been busy. This is what the projects have been up to:

Fully Equipped – Thousands of Police Officers Receive Hygiene Kits

The Afghan-German Cooperation handed over thousands of materials to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to support their fight against COVID-19 in all parts of Afghanistan.

Power Supply in Kunduz: New Energy Network Benefits 20,000 Citizens

Access to electricity is a condition for sustainable economic development and for improving citizens’ living and working conditions. In the past, the energy supply in the residential area of Dawrah was insufficient and unreliable. Now, residents enjoy save access to energy for their houses, schools, markets, workshops and businesses.

Gender Matters – education officials discuss gender mainstreaming in teaching

Kabul, 5th – 6th August 2014 – Over the past two days, 45 officials from the Ministry of Education came together in a workshop to discuss approaches to gender equality in education. In the opening speech for the workshop on gender mainstreaming, Mr. Akbar Hamidi, Deputy Director of the Teacher Education Directorate (TED), stressed the importance of considering gender perspectives when planning education policies, saying that this is an “opportunity to talk about a very sensitive, yet important issue.”