Handing Over a new Filing System to the Afghan Ministry of Justice

The new filing system was developed by the Afghan-German Cooperation and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC), including the MoJ and staff suggestions. The new database can be used countrywide and is supposed to help overcome challenges in reporting timely and above all correctly. The new filing system and methods will firstly be implemented in both provinces Herat and Balkh as a pilot. Books printed on behalf of the Afghan-German Cooperation and IADC will provide a helpful guideline for the staff of the departments.

100 Women in Badakhshan Improved Their English, Tailoring and IT Skills

The Department of Women Affairs (DoWA) implemented the trainings at the provincial capital’s Women Training Center which was opened 1 ½ years ago. Today, the second phase of a 17-month capacity development programme for women in Badakhshan was completed. Since its opening, a total of 270 women participated in the training courses.

Badakhshan’s Journalists Discuss Media’s Role in Women Empowerment

Three experts on women empowerment and more than 60 journalists gathered at Feyzabad’s women’s centre to discuss the media’s role in women empowerment. The result of the event was that media has a crucial responsibility in promoting women’s participation in society. It has the power to spread messages and raise awareness for the challenges women face. Most importantly, media has given women a voice which has allowed them to actively engage with the Afghan government, interest groups and society at large.

Paving the Way for Continued Access to Justice: Memorandum of Understanding Signed

On Tuesday 25th May 2021, the Afghan-German Cooperation’s Promotion of the Rule of Law (RoL) project signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Justice. The MoU demonstrates a commitment to future cooperation between the two parties. It will support the RoL project to implement activities that pave the way for access to justice, especially access to justice for women in the project region.

Access to basic rights: What adequate sanitation has to do with promoting the rule of law

May 28th marks the International Day of Menstrual Hygiene. It is dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of menstrual hygiene and breaking taboos surrounding menstruation.

In 2017 the first ever Girls’ Hygiene Day was celebrated in Afghanistan to raise awareness. It was supported by famous figures including the First Lady Ms Rula (Bibi Gul) Ghani, the Minister of Education Dr Assadullah Hanif Balkhi and the Minister of Public Health Dr Ferozuddin Feroz.

From IDP to small business owner: 150 vocational skills trainees look forward to starting their own small business in Herat

Through the VST programme, the Afghan-German Cooperation’s partner Afghan NGO Union Aid gives its trainees valuable business start-up support by providing trade-specific toolkits.  The NGO completed the programme in the districts of Injil and Guzara in Herat province and held handover ceremonies between 18th-20th May to provide additional materials for 70 female and 80 male trainees. The ceremonies were attended by local representatives, including the Department for Refugees and Repatriation and the Governor of Injil district.

Earth Day 2021

Once covered in lush forests, Afghanistan has lost almost all of its trees over the past decades. Years of conflict and the overexploitation of natural resources have destroyed the original green landscapes. But forests are necessary for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Without forests as buffers against water masses, widespread flooding affects many people’s lives – destroying homes and livelihoods.

Building a New Home

Representatives of IDPP´s local partner institution, the provincial Directorate of Refugees and Repatriation (DoRR), as well as other high-ranking local figures were present. In their speeches they highlighted how crucial the Afghan-German Cooperation’s support has been to improve internally displaced people’s (IDPs) living conditions and even save lives.

Driving Change: Equipped to Fight for an Equal Future

Almost half of Afghanistan’s population is female. Still, women are significantly underrepresented in all walks of life. Over the past decade there have been continued efforts by both governmental and non-governmental institutions to raise awareness for women’s rights in Afghanistan, to increase gender equality and to strengthen women’s position in society.

International Women’s Day promotes a sustainable future for all women. A future that is free from stigma and violence and that ensures equal opportunity for all.