Samangan launches women’s shuras and starts women’s rights awareness campaign with German help

The shuras represent women’s interests and can allow greater participation in the adminstrative level. The aim is to boost the profile of women in politics, both at the grass-roots level and in high-ranking governmental positions in ministries, governors’ offices, and in district governors’ and mayors’ posts, for example. The shuras’ long-term goal is to empower women to take on more repsonsibility and a greater presence both in political roles and in the public and private sectors, for example in schools, hospitals, business and the media.

Balkh gets new district public library with German funding

At the groundbreaking ceremony, hosted by the district government of Balkh district, Temorshah Payeez, Balkh District Governor, spoke to an audience of representatives from the provincial government of Balkh and Afghan-German Cooperation. He said, “The new public library will enrich the culture of study for the district’s residents. With the support from Germany, the local government can especially benefit education opportunities for the young academic generation in the area.”

Germany funds new women’s dormitory at Badakhshan University for 260 female students

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Sher Baz Zadran Senior Advisor for the Minister of Higher Education, said, “Today’s opening marks a big step toward greater equal opportunities for women in education. Families can now allow their daughters to leave the family home and attend Badakhshan University in a safe environment.” Dr. Shah Wali Allah Adib, Governor of Badakhshan, added, “This housing project addresses one of the major challenges women students face in getting a university education.

Takhar’s new Bangi river suspension bridge connects 15,000 people with district centre

As one villager said in his speech at the inauguration ceremony, “Construction of the Bangi Bridge has led to more boys and girls registered in the district’s schools. In the past, our children in our villages could not attend school because the way was too long for them to go every day.

TVET schools open doors to Afghanistan’s apprentices in cooperation deal supported by Germany

As Asif Nang said about the closing of the new deal, “From now on, the gates of the TVET institutes are open for students from the Oustad-Shagerdi system. We want to modernize the traditional apprenticeship system for all occupations. Afghanistan’s economic self-sufficiency depends on this measure.”

Germany commits further AFN 1.2 billion to North Afghanistan stabilization programme

On the occasion of the announcement, Germany’s Ambassador to Afghanistan H.E. Markus Potzel emphasized:  “Germany is committed to continuing its support for the Afghan people in partnership with the new national unity government. Beyond 2014, we will remain in the country as a close partner, bringing development and assistance to where it is needed. Our key priority is to help improve the living conditions of the Afghan people, such as provision of healthcare, education and better infrastructure, especially in remote districts that have little to no access to basic services.”

New community school under construction in Farkhar district in Takhar with German support

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony in Khurmab, Mr. Mulla Ata, District Governor of Farkhar District, emphasized that the people of Farkhar are very happy that this building project had finally begun. He said, “With the promise of proper school facilities, around 5,000 people in Farkhar – or 600 to 700 families – stand to benefit from the impact of this project.” In his speech, the director also announced that the DRRD and all implementing CDCs will build the school in accordance with required quality and with the participation of the community.

Mediothek Afghanistan launches first election reporting network for 70 leading journalists

The two-day programme marking the start of the ERN brought together journalists from all of Afghanistan’s provinces to discuss the way forward for election reporting in Afghanistan. Although the media have improved in their coverage of past elections, a range of decisive issues and dynamics are still widely ignored and underrepresented in media coverage.

Germany funds construction of new school building in Badakhshan for 1,700 female students

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Sayed Shamsullah Shams, Director of the Education Department, said, “One of the major challenges for Al Jihad girl’s high school was the lack of buildings for the female students, the girls had to study under trees or old tents both in extreme cold and warm weather. Today’s ceremony marks a significant step towards greater opportunities for women and community improvement in the education sector.” Dr.

Germany and Afghanistan commit to strong partnership: Agreement signed today for EUR 430 million for sustainable development

Together with members of the Afghan government and representatives of German Cooperation with Afghanistan, Mr. Müller also visited key projects that were able to launch with German funding and are now managed in partnership between the two countries.