Improving Teacher Training: Stakeholders Learn about Changes in the Education System

Today, a series of five-day workshops for staff from Provincial Education Departments (PED), Teacher Training Colleges (TTC), and schools ended in Badakhshan. In total, 150 people, including almost 70 women, participated. The seminars took place in Kabul and the provinces Herat, Balkh, Samangan and Badakhshan. Participants learned about recent changes in the Afghan education system and how to implement them. These changes aim at improving teacher training and thus overall education quality in Afghanistan. The Afghan-German Cooperation’s Basic and Secondary Education Programme (BEPA) facilitated the events.

The head of the TTC in Herat, Mr Abdullah Hakif Hussaini, commented, ‘The Afghan-German Cooperation has been supporting us in different areas and we appreciate its long-term support. The Primary Education Diploma and Methodology are very important to us. BEPA’s activities are in line with our needs of capacity development.’

Attendees included directors and staff of TTCs, heads and employees of PEDs as well as participants from selected schools. They learned about their role in implementing and maintaining sustainable change within the Afghan education system. This particularly concerned the newly developed Primary Education Diploma, Learner-centred Methodology and the inclusion of Gender and Human Rights in school lessons.

The director of Samangan’s PED, Mr Abdul Martin Sarwary, stated, ‘BEPA has been working with us for a long time to sustainably improve education quality together.’ Participants shall pass on their newly acquired knowledge at their respective institutions. This way, more than 24,500 TCC and sub-TTC students, including more than 14,000 women, will benefit from improved teacher training.

The Basic and Secondary Education Programme (BEPA) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). BEPA aims at improving teaching quality of basic and secondary education in Afghanistan by assisting the Afghan Ministry of Education (MoE) with teacher training and curriculum development. Since 2008, BEPA provided training for more than 22,000 teachers and lecturers. Further, 23 Teacher Training Centres (TTCs) have introduced mandatory internships for ongoing teachers. As a result, about 15,800 TTC students and 88,300 school students in Northern Afghanistan are currently benefiting from improved education. They now have access to specialised, age-appropriate and student-centred schooling.