New Libraries for Balkh University’s Law and Sharia Faculties

Benefit 2,000 Students
Yesterday, two new libraries for Balkh University’s law and sharia faculties were officially inaugurated in Mazar-e Sharif. About 2,000 students, including 920 female ones, now have access to modern learning facilities and literature. The faculties’ deans and students as well as representatives of the Afghan-German Cooperation’s project for promoting the rule of law in Afghanistan (RoL) attended the event. The German government funded the new libraries at a total cost of more than AFN 1.1 million.

As of today, the doors are open for all female and male students studying at the university’s law and sharia faculties. At the inauguration, the law faculty’s dean, Mr Shekiba Bagramwal, commented, “We are very grateful that the Afghan-German Cooperation’s RoL programme took our suggestions into account. Now our university offers modern libraries for law and sharia students.”

The libraries offer a calm environment where students can read, learn and prepare for exams and classes. A sharia student emphasised, “Students were often not able to go to private libraries or to buy literature due to financial limitations. Now, we have our own separate library with lots of books and a great learning environment.”

In the past, Balkh University only had a general library for all faculties, lacking learning space and literature. This situation has changed now. The law and sharia libraries are fully equipped and offer a selection of 2,000 books. The students now have access to up-to-date academic literature on relevant topics and an adequate learning environment. Well-trained lawyers are crucial for ensuring legal certainty and access to justice for all Afghan citizens.

In addition to funding the libraries, the Afghan-German Cooperation trained the responsible librarians, who are now able to set up systems for cataloguing the literature. This way, books do not get lost easily.

The programme Promotion of the Rule of Law in Afghanistan (RoL) is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The programme aims at ensuring the rule of law, a well-functioning judicial system and legal security in Afghanistan. To ensure legal security for all citizens, RoL has been supporting so-called Huquq bureaus which handled more than 77,000 civil cases since 2013. In the same time, to support higher legal education, RoL provided more than 30,000 books to law and sharia faculties, organised more than 150 courses on legal topics for students and lecturers and awarded more than 60 students with scholarships. RoL further trained almost 13,000 police staff to carry out duties according to law. The programme also emphasises promoting women’s rights and strengthening their access to justice as well as the job market.