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16.02.2016 | Press release
In an ongoing effort to speed up and sustain private investments in the renewable energy sector, the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and the Ministry of Economy (MoEc) on 14th February 2016 held a one-day meeting on “Enabling Private Sector Financing and Investment in the Energy Sector, with a Particular Focus on Renewable Energy”.
15.02.2016 | Press release
With the support of the AEFEO, these Afghan schools supported by Germany will become schools of excellence, and can then serve as a model for others.
12.02.2016 | Press release
Altogether, 40 gender focal points from different line-departments participated to increase their awareness on gender equality, gender development, women’s rights and gender issues. The workshop was organized by the Department of Women Affairs (DoWA) of Balkh province with technical and financial support of the German government.
10.02.2016 | Press release
One out of the two areas that will have better access to electricity in the future is a new residential area in Pol‐e Khomri. The extension of a 20 kV transmission line and the construction of ten transformer substations and a low voltage distribution network will bring electricity to around 1,500 homes. In one and half years the works will be completed.
09.02.2016 | Press release
The training centre lets the DoWA and stakeholders like women shuras and business associations offer women training they need to improve their job prospects. It also creates a space for the department to promote gender equality and increase an understanding that women need to participate in public life to help in the country’s development. The women training centre received about AFN 22.5 million in funding from the German government.
07.02.2016 | Press release
The participants were able to enhance their administrative and organizational skills. These will help them to realize Afghanistan’s development plan for the extractive sector more efficiently. In the long run it will have a positive impact on the ministry’s ability to make better use of Afghanistan’s natural resources. The German government supported the 8 months graduate training program at a cost of AFN 6.000.000.
04.02.2016 | Press release
Neither women nor men should be deprived of opportunities and privileges because of their gender. This is why Article 22 of the Afghan Constitution states that citizens of Afghanistan, men and women, have equal rights and duties before the law.
04.02.2016 | Press release
The training measures included a nine-month internship programme for 50 female university graduates, a six-month English, IT and management course for 120 civil servants, and a six-month basic training and coaching for over 600 civil servants. The German government supported this set of measures at a total cost of over AFN 7 million.
02.02.2016 | Press release
During their studies at university, they rarely get the chance to work in institutions and to gain practical experience. This is why the German programme for the promotion of the Rule of Law (RoL) set up an internship programme for female law and sharia graduates, together with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and its Departments of Justice (DoJ). Today, five graduates received their certificates at MoJ in Kabul for their successful participation in the programme.
01.02.2016 | Press release
From now on it will be cheaper for the cooperative to produce day-old chickens (DoCs). About 60 poultry farmers and 150 backyard families will benefit from it, because they can buy the DoCs from the hatchery at a cheaper price as well. The German government supported this solar power hatchery in Balkh with nearly AFN 590,000, which is about half the total cost.