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26.01.2016 | Press release
This district in Takhar had fallen to armed opposition groups (AOGs), but was recently recaptured by the government. For that reason, representatives from the Provincial Governor’s Office (PGO), Provincial Council and different line departments came together with more than 500 citizens, including civil society and women activists to discuss the way forward. The German government supported the events through its programme for regional capacity development (RCD).
25.01.2016 | Press release
To make full use of its resources, the country needs well-trained mining experts. Developing international networks are necessary to connect with peer researchers and teachers to exchange know-how. In addition, the security situation in Afghanistan makes it difficult to conduct field exercises, research and practical training. This is why cooperation with other countries in promoting education is important
24.01.2016 | Press release
The German government will provide funding to properly equip the registration office. In addition to that, staff of the registration office and 400 community volunteers will receive training to facilitate the registration process in the future. The combination of measures will allow the population registration office to provide a better and faster service to the people in Kunduz.
21.01.2016 | Press release
The four villages are located in one of Badakhshan’s most affected areas of natural disasters. The new facilities will help the residents to protect their farmland, orchards and residential houses from seasonal floods. The German government provided funding at a total cost of AFN 6.4 million.
20.01.2016 | Press release
The engineers are now able to read and use building codes in all infrastructure areas. Their deepened knowledge will improve the execution of various infrastructure projects in Afghanistan. The German government provided technical support and financed training at a cost of AFN 1.5 million.
19.01.2016 | Press release
On the one hand, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) will update existing and develop new curricula for administrative management. On the other hand, 134 civil servants in Kunduz province will receive training to enhance their skills, so they can provide better service to the people. The majority of participants in the training course are civil servants from the financial department in Kunduz. The German government is supporting both projects at a cost of more than AFN five million.
17.01.2016 | Press release
This allowed Baghlan’s inhabitants to get an idea of the development projects that the government is currently planning to accomplish. Also, they could get an impression of how these development projects might positively affect their and their families’ lives. Afghan-German cooperation provided financial support for the event, in a greater effort to encourage exchange between the government in Afghanistan and its public.
12.01.2016 | Press release
Mazar-e Sharif. Altogether, 40 gender focal points from different line-departments participated to increase their awareness on gender equality, gender development, women’s rights and gender issues. The workshop was organized by the Department of Women Affairs (DoWA) of Balkh province with technical and financial support of the German government.
10.01.2016 | Press release
One out of the two areas that will have better access to electricity in the future is a new residential area in Pol‐e Khomri. The extension of a 20 kV transmission line and the construction of ten transformer substations and a low voltage distribution network will bring electricity to around 1,500 homes. In one and half years the works will be completed.
16.12.2015 | Press release
The District Governor’s Office organized the event, and the German government financed it with AFN 80,000.