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12.12.2015 | Press release
UNHCR will be responsible for managing the project, which will run in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The German government will provide nearly AFN 900 million for the programme, financed through KfW Development Bank.
10.12.2015 | Press release
The various internship programmes will let the students experience working conditions in their future positions as civil servants and government employees.
02.12.2015 | Press release
With the new curriculum, Afghan police will now be able to learn how to read and write to sixth grade level in public schools. The new course programme will come into effect next year in police training schools and literacy courses all over the country.
02.12.2015 | Press release
Germany will pay the sum into the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF). More than thirty donor countries provide financial assistance for the Afghan government through the trust fund. This year, the German government’s contribution to the fund is the highest it has ever made.
29.11.2015 | Press release
At the two-day national conference for practice teaching in Kabul, stakeholders from the education sector from across Afghanistan met to discuss how prospective teachers can best apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire in the first three semesters of their studies in the classroom.
23.11.2015 | Press release
The library will give people a chance to read books for private and professional purposes. Additionally, two separate university dormitories opened for men and women. This now offers students from rural areas the possibility to pursue higher education. Germany funded construction of the library and the dormitories with about AFN 70 million.
22.11.2015 | Press release
The road between Taloqan city, Taloqan airport and Hazar Sumuch district is now officially open for traffic.
19.11.2015 | Press release
This road show for the poultry industry followed similar events in Baghlan and Samangan. These exhibitions let farmers and producers exhibit their produce and machinery and help attract new investors.
18.11.2015 | Press release
The projects include protection walls, irrigation canals and forestation measures. They will protect the villagers and their land, orchards and houses from floods and other natural disasters. They will protect the inhabitants as well as their land, orchards and houses from floods and other natural disasters. The eight projects were chosen and managed by the Community Development Councils (CDCs). Funding of around AFN 16 million comes from Germany, through the Badakhshan Natural Disaster Prevention (BNDP) programme.
15.11.2015 | Press release
following the completion of construction of a 1.4 km pipe network and a deep well. The well for the drinking water is located in Nahri Shahi’s internal refugee camp, the township of Qalin Bafan (carpet weavers), near Balkh’s capital Mazar-e Sharif.