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27.07.2015 | Press release
Civil servants of Raghistan district administration now have a better work environment. This will allow them to improve their performance and to provide better services to Raghastan’s population. The building was set up by the Badakhshan Provincial Governor’s Office (PGO) at a cost of AFN 33 million with funding from the Federal Republic of Germany.
23.06.2015 | Press release
The German government financed construction of four new buildings at a cost of AFN 20 million as part of its programme for regional development (RCD).
22.06.2015 | Press release
These books will help policemen understand their jobs and responsibilities better. Without previous access to solid learning material until now, these books will allow them to improve their performance as police officers. The German government funded the printing of the books as part of the literacy programme in its police cooperation project.
17.06.2015 | Press release
The main goal was to refresh participants’ ability to plan and manage infrastructure projects financed by the national budget or the donor community. The workshops were held with technical and financial assistance from the German government, at a cost of about AFN 1.2 million.
16.06.2015 | Press release
The overall construction cost amounted to €1.69 million (over AFN 106 million) and was funded by the German Government through KfW Development Bank. The project was carried out under the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), an open and flexible programme that aims at improving the socio-economic infrastructure at the provincial level and at improving local government’s ability to plan and implement projects. The Tangi-Marmul road project was selected by the Provincial Development Committee (PDC) in accordance with the developmental priorities of Balkh province.
15.06.2015 | Press release
At today’s ceremony in the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD), a memorandum of understanding was signed with the goal of transferring the project from public to private Afghan ownership.
14.06.2015 | Press release
The walls will protect the village’s inhabitants, their land, orchards and houses from floods and other natural disasters. The building work will be managed by the community development councils (CDCs) in the villages. The total cost of over AFN 3 million is funded by Germany.
13.06.2015 | Press release
To do this successfully demands that teachers themselves learn and apply various methods and skills. These methods were the focus of a four-week course at the Teacher Training College (TTC) in Mazar-e Sharif that ended last week. It was designed for TTC teachers from Balkh, Badakhshan, Kunduz, Takhar, and Samangan, together with academic members from the education directorate in Kabul. The aim of the course for TTC teachers, or teacher trainers, was to help them apply new teaching methods effectively, which they could then pass on to their student teachers for future use in the classroom. The course was conducted by the Teacher Education Directorate (TED) with the support of the German government.
11.06.2015 | Press release
This was the conclusion of this week’s media meeting held in Faizabad 9th June. The meeting brought together agriculture and rural development experts to face journalists from Badakhshan, Takhar and Balkh.
10.06.2015 | Press release
Together with members of Balkh Provincial Council, civil society representatives discussed their role in elections and how to strengthen participation and ownership. This was the first round of talks of its kind in Balkh, and a second round will be held in two months.