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15.03.2015 | Press release
The DCP is a basic mechanical tool for surveying underground and sub-structures of roads and buildings to determine the strength of subgrade and base layers, testing if the material is well compacted to carry the expected loads. Its use is crucial as construction operations and pavement performance are directly related to subgrade stability. Moreover, it is easy to transport, to maintain and inexpensive to operate.
15.03.2015 | Press release
Together with Afghan partners the German-funded Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) reconstructed Balahesar road, Jadeh Azadi road, Khawjah Mashad road, Spinzar Hospital road and Pedagogy road. The rehabilitation and improvement of the five Kunduz roads was requested by the provincial administration through the Governors’ Office and the Provincial Development Committee (PDC).
14.03.2015 | Press release
The training was conducted by the provincial Department of Women’s Affairs (DoWA) and financed by the Regional Capacity Development project (RCD) that is implemented by Afghan-German Development Cooperation.
11.03.2015 | Press release
Built at a cost of over AFN 27.5 million with funding from the German Government, the new three-story building is the first of its kind for IARCSC in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.
11.03.2015 | Press release
During the 18-day training, the staff of Mostofiat’s provincial and district offices, learnt how to manage efficiently finances at their workplaces.
08.03.2015 | Press release
In Faizabad, Badakhshan, the new women’s garden and marketplace, built with German funding, played host to a wide range of activities for about 700 women. The motto of the day was "To put Beijing into practice, let us struggle in providing women with justice, opportunities, comfort and peace." The women who come to the garden and market, both as sellers and consumers, act as multipliers in their own districts and villages.
26.02.2015 | Press release
With support from the German government, Afghanistan’s Teacher Education Directorate (TED) is currently rolling out the curriculum, and over the past five days, over 120 TTC lecturers from 30 provinces attended a workshop held by master trainers in Kabul’s Teacher Home facility. They learnt how to teach and incorporate the curriculum into their own teacher training methods.
25.02.2015 | Press release
The programme is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office through the KfW Development Bank and implemented by the Aga Khan Development Network, in partnership with ACTED and Mercy Corps.
22.02.2015 | Press release
In cooperation with the Afghan Ministry of Education, the German Government has offered technical and financial assistance to help the ministry and education departments in Badakhshan build ten new schools in various districts. The school construction programme will be managed by the German government’s fund for regional infrastructure development (RIDF), with €3 million (AFN 196 million) in funding through Germany’s KfW Development Bank.
18.02.2015 | Press release
The meeting concluded with journalists and education representatives agreeing that creative, new approaches in education can generate better coverage and encourage more children to go to school.