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23.12.2014 | Press release
Funded by the German government, the overall budget for the school building project amounted to over AFN 30 million. The amount also went to supplying the school with new furniture for classrooms, office and laboratory equipment. Overall, the new building and facilities will directly benefit over 5,000 students and 167 teachers.
20.12.2014 | Press release
The civil servants taking part in the course work for the district governor’s office (DGO) and all of the district’s local line departments.
18.12.2014 | Event
The thirty students are now the second group to have qualified themselves as technicians at the ministry’s school in the space of one year. In their two years of study they learnt how to operate and manage renewable energy plants, specifically small hydropower plants.
17.12.2014 | Press release
On 15th December 2014, Baghlan’s Department of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and the Disabled (DoLSAMD) officially opened of a new Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centre in the capital Pul-e-Khumri. On 16th December, the Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DRRD) inaugurated a new administrative building near Pul-e-Khumri city centre. On 17th December, 24 government line department staff and District Development Assembly (DDA) Shura members from the districts of Dahna-e-Ghori and Pul-e-Khumri completed four days of training in preparing contracts. All measures were completed with more than AFN 50 million in financial and technical assistance from the German Government.
14.12.2014 | Press release
The training centre and market were planned and built by the Department of Womens’ Affairs (DoWA) at a cost of AFN 24 million, funded by Germany.
02.12.2014 | Press release
Funded by the German government, the total budget for the two construction projects amounted to over AFN 49 million (over AFN 22.5 million in Dehdadi and over AFN 26.6 million in Sholgara). Besides the new buildings, the funding also went to supplying the TTCs with new furniture for classrooms, office equipment, laboratory equipment and books for the libraries.
25.11.2014 | Press release
As the survey found out, Afghan users generally believe social media can have a positive impact on their country and see significant opportunities. The main focus of the survey was to find out the impact of social media on the way people communicate nowadays in Afghanistan. As the report explains, channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are becoming increasingly relevant to a rising number of Afghans. The survey was based on both quantitative and qualitative responses from more than 1,100 participants in the capital Kabul and in the six north-eastern provinces Balkh, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar and Samangan.
24.11.2014 | Press release
During the five days of training, the government workers learnt how to manage projects for economic and social development that can contribute to more quality of life for the province’s citizens. The course was organized by Samangan’s Department of the Economy, with technical assistance from the Afghan-German Cooperation programme. The total costs of more than AFN 2.8 million to train the 40 civil servants were funded by the German Government; part of the sum will also go to supplying administrative offices with new equipment.
18.11.2014 | Press release
In talks with President Ghani and CEO Abdullah, Mr. Müller praised the new Afghan leadership for its strong political commitment and expressed support for their joint effort. During his visit, he also reaffirmed that Germany would adhere to the commitments made in Tokyo. Mr. Müller also met Dr Omar Zakhilwal, National Economic Adviser and Acting Minister of Finance, for government negotiations that amounted up to EUR 245 million (around AFN 18 billion) while the total annual funding for sustainable development is EUR 430 million (around AFN 31 billion).
18.11.2014 | Press release
The project is implemented by the Department of Education (DoE) at a cost of over AFN 32 million with funding from the Federal Republic of Germany. The new school building offers a safe learning environment for up to 1,800 female students and teachers from 30 villages in Faizabad.