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02.11.2014 | Press release
The councils are led by women and deal specifically with women’s affairs and representing women’s rights in local government. To coincide with the launch, a six-day workshop also began in Aybak today on raising awareness of women’s rights.
29.10.2014 | Press release
The meeting gave the press an opportunity to talk with experts about trade and business and how the media report on the markets in northern Afghanistan. The meeting concluded with the recommendation that media and business should work more closely together to promote domestic goods.
29.10.2014 | Press release
The event, which concludes 1st November with a job fair, was organized by the Faculty of Economics of Kabul University in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Arts and was sponsored by the German Government.
26.10.2014 | Press release
Held in the provincial capital Faizabad and funded by the German Government, the main goal of the workshop was to advance the skills of the province’s line departments in provincial budgeting processes. The course will be followed by a six-month mentoring programme for vaious departments to help develop proper project proposals for the national budget cycle. The training was conducted by the Afghan Ministry of Finance.
22.10.2014 | Press release
The engineers, who all work for local government institutions in Kunduz, learnt how to use the application and make their infrastructure planning and design more effective and efficient. The software for 2D and 3D computer-aided design and drafting is widely used by engineers, architects and other technical professionals in a range of industries. To meet the demands of a greater quantity and quality of infrastructure projects in Kunduz, engineers in various departments needed to improve their skills required for planning, tendering and managing civil infrastructure construction projects.
21.10.2014 | Press release
With a total of AFN 49 million in funding and with technical support from the German Government, the two buildings will improve working conditions for the departments and help make them more visible and accessible to the population.
16.10.2014 | Press release
The district’s Department of Education also inaugurated the Mir Mullah Wali Primary Girl’s School and Kandah Mixed School with 8 classrooms. In Taloqan, the Abdul Wadood Shahid Boy’s High School was inaugurated with 24 classrooms. The building projects were all proposed by the District Development Assembly (DDA) with confirmation from the DoPH and Department of Education and the Provincial Governor Office. The projects were also listed as priorities in the Provincial and District Development Plans (PDP & DDP). Funding came from the German Government through the Stabilization Program for Northern Afghanistan (SPNA), and the projects were executed by the Aga Khan Foundation.
12.10.2014 | Press release
With AFN 13 million in funding from Afghan-German Development Cooperation, the new facilities are part of a new capacity development initiative for women in Takhar province.
09.10.2014 | Press release
At a cost of AFN 224 million for construction, interior finish, equipment and furniture, the new space will be used for students, lecturers, professors and administrative staff.
02.10.2014 | Press release
The engineering experts from line departments learnt how to plan, maintain, manage and repair construction projects.