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21.08.2014 | Press release
At today’s Media Meeting, Afghan-German Cooperation and Mediothek in Kabul brought together experts from government, civil society, the media and international bodies to discuss what the media has achieved so far in Afghanistan and the challenges the press face in reporting on corruption.
18.08.2014 | Press release
The AFN 6.3 million in funding and support for the construction projects is provided by the German Government.
14.08.2014 | Press release
With AFN 24 million in funding from Afghan-German Cooperation, the new facilities are part of a new capacity development initiative for women in Badakhshan province.
13.08.2014 | Press release
With the wall, 800 young women and their families will have peace of mind that they can get a proper education and shape their careers. The costs of constructing the boundary will amount to AFN 3.4 million and were provided by the German Government.
11.08.2014 | Press release
The qualifications will help local government provide more efficient services for the population in Faizabad and the surrounding districts.
11.08.2014 | Press release
These mobile classrooms are large-scale tents designed specifically for academic activities and will provide opportunities for an extra 900 students to attend classes at the university.
09.08.2014 | Press release
The buildings were originally built as a Police Training Centre but have been converted into academic facilities, ready for immediate use by the university.
07.08.2014 | News
Taking part in discussions on gender mainstreaming models for the Teacher Education Directorate, participants included male and female technical experts from the Ministry of Education.
02.08.2014 | Press release
With training in basic and advanced subjects, CDC members will be able to improve their skills and fully represent community interests and proposals to the government and development organizations. The construction and equipping of the institute was financed by the German Government with a sum of AFN 18.4 million.
23.07.2014 | Press release
The AFN 2.6 million in funding and support for the construction project were provided by the German Government.