The Afghan capital Kabul serves as the point of coordination for all activities in the country. It is home to the government, ministers, the German Embassy, numerous non-governmental organisations, and development cooperation agencies of all donor countries. It is the place where legislation is drafted, strategies are devised, civilian construction projects are initiated and development concepts are implemented, in several cases with support from the German Cooperation with Afghanistan.

The German Cooperation with Afghanistan has been working in Kabul for many years. Advisory services are provided to partners at political level in order to optimise national policies and processes, fight corruption and introduce rule of law principles. As well as its involvement in programmes in the area of good governance, the German government funds a large number of educational and training initiatives. Additionally, it provides support for energy, health care, water supply and waste disposal projects.

In order to coordinate joint efforts in support of Afghanistan as effectively as possible, consultations are held in Kabul between all stakeholder groups and the Afghan government. In this way, decisions are often made on the design of projects at provincial, district and municipal level. A wide range of programmes have helped to effect change and improve local people’s living conditions.

This section provides you with an overview of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan’s activities in Kabul.

Projects in Focus

Improving Quality of Life and Creating Job Opportunities in the Heart of Kabul In order to create appropriate facilities for young people and women, the German Government is helping to revitalise the historic Chihilsitoon Park (‘40 Columns Park’) in southern Kabul. The park, at 12 ha Kabul’s largest, will now be given a modern layout and revitalised. more
Strengthen sustainable economic growth in northern Afghanistan In order to stimulate sustainable economic growth, increase Afghan farmers’ yields and promote employment, the German Government is supporting economic programmes in Afghanistan’s northern regions. more
Clear Rules and Qualified Staff for a Clean Water Supply Access to drinking water and sustainable wastewater management depend most of all on qualified staff at the local level and on competent and efficient institutions. The German Government is therefore supporting Afghanistan’s efforts to establish the requisite legal and administrative structures and efficient management processes and to implement a strategic policy framework. more
Expanding the Water Supply System to Improve Services in Kabul In order to ensure that the Afghan people have access to a regular supply of high-quality drinking water in adequate quantities, the German Government is supporting the development and expansion of the water system in the capital Kabul. more
Energy as an Economic Factor – Creating a Legal Framework and Facilitating Investment In the long term, the German Government is assisting Afghan institutions and companies to increase the energy supply throughout the country and create investment incentives. As a result, all processes will in future be coordinated by Afghans themselves at both provincial and national level. more
Renewable energy for Afghanistan In order to ensure that Afghanistan’s electricity supply operates sustainably and efficiently in the long term, the German Government is assisting Afghanistan with building decentralised electricity generation facilities based on renewable energy. more
Hydropower: Providing Reliable Energy to the Capital In order to keep increasing the security of the electricity supply to the Afghan population, the German Government is assisting Afghanistan to rehabilitate its electricity infrastructure and energy production facilities, such as hydropower plants. more
School Sponsorship in Afghanistan – Improving the Quality of Education In order to achieve continuous improvements in the quality of education for young Afghans, the German Government is sponsoring three schools in Kabul – the Amani High School for Boys, the Aysha-e-Durani High School for Girls and the Lycée Jamhuriat (a secondary business school for girls) – to become schools of excellence. These model schools will serve as an example for others. more
Sport for Development in Afghanistan Sport at school? That is still unfamiliar to many students in Afghanistan. But sport makes a positive contribution to young people’s physical and intellectual development and builds motor skills. Therefore, the German Government is supporting the introduction of physical education as a subject in Afghanistan’s schools. more
Reforming the Education Sector – New Teaching Standards and Curricula In order to improve basic education, the German Government is working with the Government of Switzerland to support Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education with teacher training and to make learning content more diverse and accessible. more
Mining in Afghanistan – Improving University Education, Supporting Innovation In order to make better use of the potential offered by the raw materials sector, the German Government is assisting Afghanistan to improve its system of academic mining education, to align it to industry and labour market needs and to build its international networks. more
Reforms for an Effective and Trustworthy State In order to make public administration more effective in the long term and prevent corruption, the German Government is supporting reform processes in Afghanistan, providing experts to assist the Afghan institutions with this work. This benefits the administrative staff and citizens alike. more
Discussion Platform for Good Governance: Govern4Afghanistan In order to promote greater sharing of knowledge on good governance matters and thereby support the qualitative expansion of state structures in Afghanistan, the German Government has joined forces with Afghan partners to launch the discussion platform and think-and-do tank Govern4Afghanistan . more
Integrated Experts in Afghanistan In order to improve the management skills of Afghan Government ministries, key institutions and administrative bodies, the German Government is assisting with the placement of integrated experts on the Afghan labour market. more
Youth for Peace In order to drive the peaceful development of Afghan society and thereby create future prospects for the population, the German Government is assisting the Civil Peace Service with breaking the prevailing cycles of violence in Afghanistan. more
Sustainable Mining for Economic Growth The Afghan mining sector offers great economic potential which could significantly boost growth in the country. In order to fully leverage this potential, the German Government is assisting Afghan actors to make mining activities transparent and conducive to innovation in the long term. more

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