Nationwide, the German Cooperation with Afghanistan is active in the areas of education, training and infrastructure expansion, paving the way for trade and economic growth.

Half of the Afghan population is still unable to read or write, and specialists often lack sufficient training due to vocational education frequently having little practical relevance and/or being delivered informally. However, economic development and level of education go hand in hand. The German government is working to promote nationwide programmes in the areas of primary and secondary education and vocational training. Teaching staff are being trained to provide more effective support to students and help them meet labour market needs. Many other initiatives are being undertaken too, such as the promotion of partnerships between educational institutions and businesses, and the introduction of internships.

Another issue is that large areas of the nation lack sufficient infrastructure. Efforts to expand electricity and water supplies, transport networks, schools and hospitals have only extended to certain areas of the country, and these services do not meet the needs of the population. The German Cooperation with Afghanistan therefore promotes civilian reconstruction, thus contributing to growth, trade, education and the country’s ongoing development.

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