Kabul Polytechnic University Participates in International Research Conference in Kazakhstan

More than 100 scientists from 10 countries (mainly from Central Asia) came together to discuss new research in the field of geology. There, KPU’s scientists also presented their paper:“The geological structure and genesis of Qara Zaghan gold deposit.”

Besides exchanging new scientific developments, the conference was an ideal place to network with other scientists within Central Asia. One of the Afghan delegates said, “This conference will be a great opportunity for us to communicate with scientists from different countries to further strengthen academic relations.”

First Bakery Training Centre in Balkh Province – Lead by Women

The director of the DoWA, Ms Shahla Hadid, and the director of the Balkh Directorate of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (DAIL), Mr Serajedin Mehraban, jointly inaugurated the Bakery Training Centre. On this occasion, Ms Shala Hadid commented, “Today, with the German government’s support, we are able to inaugurate the first bakery training centre for women.

Advanced Training for 25 Afghan Mines Inspectors in Turkey

The MoMP’s 25 mines inspectors received practice-oriented trainings on planning and designing open pit mines as well as on different aspects of mineral processing such as ore concentration processes. The mines inspectors are now able to conduct field inspections of mining operations properly and to examine whether mining activities comply with norms, standards and regulations.

More Self-Reliant

At the handover ceremony, the director of Balkh’s DRRD, Mr Abdul Baset Aini, commented: “The new equipment enables the three DDAs to hold community meetings and events independently and more frequently. This is a big step towards self-reliance. I would like to thank the Afghan-German Cooperation for supporting this community project.” A representative of Balkh district’s local government, Mr Sayed Qasim, added: “The DDAs will now become more active in terms of holding events as they do not require support with renting equipment from civil society organisations (CSOs) or donors anymore.”

Road Improvements in Mazar-e Sharif

The Deputy Governor of Balkh Province, Mohammad Bashir Tawhidi, expressed his appreciation for the district residents’ patience and persistence. The Director of Balkh’s Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Engineer Abdul Basit Aini, emphasised that the completion of the drainage improvements was a priority now.

The German government’s Consul General Dr Robert Klinke added: “Dasht-e Shor project is another activity supported by the Afghan-German Cooperation. We assure you that German support in Afghanistan will continue.”

Poultry Industry Conference with 160 Attendants in Northern Afghanistan

The chairperson of the BCCI, Arash Younesi, said: “Poultry industry is important to a countries economy. Some witness a remarkable growth – as does Afghanistan. Especially in the North of the country and Balkh province. We currently count 800 small, medium and large poultry farms in Balkh province – and these numbers are increasing”.

impACT Kabul Start-Up Conference

Many entrepreneurs attended the conference along with about 250 further participants and businessmen.

The conference aimed at providing information on how to grow a business successfully. According to the event’s organisers, the three key ingredients of success are networking, resources and knowledge. Successful businesses are a key condition for more jobs and increased economic growth.

Anti-Corruption Campaign

Corruption is a crucial problem in Afghanistan that needs to be addressed. It has devastating effects on many levels: political, economic and societal. Quite often, corruptive acts remain unpunished.

Mr Hajji Nasrat, a client of Da Afghanistan Bank commented, “The timing and location for the drawings are very good. I invite the banks’ employees to look at the pictures to remember them of not acting corruptly.” Mr Amanullah, a shopkeeper in the area, added, “The drawings are an innovative way of fighting corruption and bribes. We appreciate this effort.”