Two Schools, a Teacher Training College and an Irrigation Canal Inaugurated in Baghlan

During the inauguration ceremony, a representative of the Department of Education, Mr Ab Rawof Stanikzay, encouraged people to send their daughters to high school. The TTC teacher Mr Qare Abdul Hafiz said: ”I remember that there was one temporary place with tents allocated to our TTC in Pul-e-Hesar. Teachers and students had to walk 10 kilometres or so to attend classes. We didn’t have a good teaching environment. Thus, students often could not attend classes in winter or summer. Thanks to the German funding of our TTC building, we now have a standard place for teaching.

New Sports Equipment for 20 Girl’s Schools in Kabul and Aibak

Together with representatives of the S4D programme, the Provincial Education Director Dr Mohammad Sayed Mansoor handed over the new equipment to the principals and teachers of Tajwar Sultana High School in Kabul. On this occasion, Mr Azizullah Azizi, a PED representative, stated that, “We appreciate the cooperation of the German government and we are emphasising a better use of these sports items in school, so we can achieve a better output in the future.”

1,200 Chalk Boards for 185 Schools in Baghlan Province

The new equipment will potentially improve the quality of teaching.  Blackboards are part of important teaching material that help teachers designing rather interactive lessons. As a result, learning capacities of children will increase. Students will be able to better understand and to remember teaching content.

“About 80,000 male and female students will benefit from better teaching and learning, effecting the quality of education in Baghlan.”, the head of the Provincial Education Department, Mr Ghulam Mohiuddin Pikan, said.

Local Theatre Play Showcasing Children’s Rights in Balkh for 75 People

Although Afghanistan has committed itself to protect children’s rights by ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1994, there are still many barriers hindering children from actually enjoying their rights. Poverty, homelessness, abuse, neglect, preventable diseases as well as unequal access to education are still common. To protect Afghanistan’s children from such adverse effects, it is therefore important to inform the communities about children’s rights and their promotion.

More than 120 People Celebrate Two Years Govern4Afg

In her keynote speech, Afghanistan’s First Lady, Ms Rula Ghani, highlighted Govern4Afg’s achievements: “During the last two years, Govern4Afg informed the government and the international community about important topics in Afghanistan such as the role of civil society, civil service reform, provincial planning and budgeting. The results and recommendations enable the government to make evidence-based decisions”.

Internships -benefitting Afghan youth and society

Three experts on economy and internship and more than 70 journalists gathered to discuss media’s role and responsibility in promotion of internship opportunities in Afghanistan.

To introduce the topican open the media meeting, three Afghan experts Mr Ahmad Wali Sangar, economic advisor at Balkh Governor’s Office; Mr Nasir Qasemi, CEO of Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI); Taj Mohammad Paiwand, Head of the Afghan-German Cooperation’s programme for promotion of the rule of law (RoL) in Balkh gave short speeches and shared insights into their field of expertise.

Afghan Parliamentarian Forum in India on Natural Resource Management

NRC’s Chair and Member of Parliament, Mr Ramazan Jumazada, commented: “It is shocking to see the amount of the government’s revenue loss due to unpaid fees, taxes and illegal mining”. According to an internal review, 25 companies owe roughly AFN 4 billion to the government. In this regard, Javed Noorani, member of the AEITI multi stakeholder group, stated that there was a “high level impunity regarding companies’ failure to pay taxes or royalties”. Even though contracts are often not up to date, expired, or non-existent, mining operations continue.