Often, affected people need to tell their story in order to show the significance and scope of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan.

Take the women in Mazar-e Sharif, who work in a newly constructed bakery training centre where they offer delicious baked goods and pass on their knowledge to other bakers. New recipes, baking techniques and marketing opportunities are on the agenda. In this way, the women can contribute to their families’ income and have a job that they like.

Or, take the policewoman that can live up to her own expectations thanks to a literacy course. Today, she can write complaints, document violations of the law and forward them to the appropriate authorities all by herself. In this way, she supports women in particular to make use of their rights.

These stories give a face to the German Cooperation with Afghanistan. We have collected impressive stories showcasing people whose lives have been significantly influenced thanks to the German Cooperation’s activities in Afghanistan.


Results 1
We now have the floor waters under control and we can irrigate our fields according to our exact needs.
Akakhil, Babanazar and Darwaza are three small villages in the province of Baghlan in northern Afghanistan. The villages are home to between 100 and 200 families, and although they are some distance apart on a single plain, they share some similarities. The residents here make their livelihoods...